Welcome to the official site for the Game Plan anime! Here is where you can find all the information that you need about this project as well as it updates, cast members, progress status and some free downloadable items that you can own! Please feel free to browse through the website and take a look on what we are working on. If you have any questions please refer to our contact information. Thank you and please enjoy Game Plan, the anime!

We have been working with many artists that have showed interest in our project and we are pleased to announce that we have gotten interest from the singer-song writer, worship leader and recording artist Junko (www.junko.com) to participate in this project by recording a song that will be used, Domo Arigatou Junko-San :)
We are so Happy to announce that we are in talks with Vic Mignogna (to be the voice of Locke Asher) as you know Vic is an American Anime Award winning voice actor and musician, (Edward Elric in Fullmetal Alchemist, Fai D. Flowright in Tsubasa: Reservoir Chronicle,and many more)  Vic is so nice and is very interested in our project, it will be fantastic to have him be part of GamePlan the Anime.


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